Church Staff & Leadership


Pastor Joe Kelley

God has blessed us with Pastor Joe Kelley and his wife Kim, who are true servants
of the Lord who have a heart for people.  Their work as Missionaries to Slovenia
and raising five children, have prepared them to reach out to our multicultural
community where people from all around the world visit.



FBCW Office Staff

Church Administrator

Chris Broehm

Chris Broehm is our Church Administrator.  
She oversees FBCW’s operations, HR and finances.  She loves serving
the Lord by serving others. 

Administrative Assistant

Peggy Jensen

Peggy Jensen is our Administrative Assistant.  She is in charge of preparing the bulletins
and church communications.  She is always ready with a warm greeting for all.

Leadership Groups:


Elders Council:

Pastor Joe Kelley (Lead Elder)

Douglas Johnston (Elder)

Dave Mechtly (Head Deacon)


Board Of Directors:

Douglas Johnston (Elder/President)

Dave Mechtly (Deacon/Vice President)

Linda Sparks (Secretary)

Phillip Davis

Jim Harlev



Dave Mechtly (Head Deacon)

Bill Curry

Phillip Davis

Jim Harlev

Andrew Sebeny

Danny Solberg