FBC Williams Arizona
Tuesday, April 07, 2020
Changing Hearts, Changing Lives, One Soul at a Time

Upcoming Family Events

All activities (except Dream Acres) listed below are Postponed due to the CoVid-19 Guidelines and the closure of the FBCW buildings.
"ONE WAY" YOUTH GROUP - Wed nights @ 6:00 pm (postponed)
Teens, its a night for you!  All teens 6th - 12th grade are welcome.  Join us for snacks, games, hang time, God time and more! 
College & Career Group - Sundays @ 6:00 pm (Postponed)
For Young Adults College age and up, who want to spend some time in God's word together.  Open to Men and Women, single or married.  (Please contact the office if you need Child Care) 
"Red Zone" Wednesdays 3:45 - 5 pm (Starting fall 2020)
The Redzone is a weekly one-hour+ after school activity  where children (Grades 3-8) learn how to score big in three areas - having Fun, becoming more Fit and growing in their Faith.  There are games to play, exercises, coordination drills, snacks, Learning the Lord's Prayer & the Beatitudes (God's pathway to blessing), plenty of water and more.  Pastor Joe Oswald is the Coach.  
     We meet over at the Redzone Field, right across from the school at Dream Acres.  This Free activity requires a signed Permission Slip (See The Redzone Page).  More information is available by calling the church office at 635-4692.
Dream Acres...Free daytime Family Fun! (Open!)  
     Come on by the FBCW  land, off 7th St right across from WEMS. (Off Street Parking is located just off of 7th Street in a gravel lot).  There is something for everyone at Dream Acres!
     Enjoy the Edith Pouquette Prayer Garden for quiet contemplation and time with God, while enjoying the outdoors.  The Fitness trail is available for walking & jogging.  Fitness stations are being installed along the trail for your pleasure.  
     Play a round of Disc Golf, Discs, bean bags, rules, scorecards and instructions are located at the first Tee box.  A game that all ages can participate in and enjoy.  Dogs are welcome too, when on a leash, with a responsible owner. We asked that all doggy deposits be cleaned up.  A Doggy clean-up station is available to keep Dream Acres nice for everyone. 
Stop by today and check out Dream Acres!