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Friday, July 03, 2020
Changing Hearts, Changing Lives, One Soul at a Time


Redzone Information 
WHAT IS IT?  The REDZONE is a weekly one-hour+ after school activity where children 3rd through 8th grade learn how to score big in three areas—having FUN, becoming more Fit, and growing in their FAITH.
FUN: The kids will have a blast playing games with the parachute, learning various Dodge Ball games, and playing a wide variety of games like Kickball, Whiffle Ball; Capture the Football, Soccer etc.… in a non threatening environment. Every week we will provide a small snack and some water to replenish them, without taking away their appetite for dinner!
FIT: The children will learn how to stay fit for life as they learn stretches, exercises and coordination drills that will build their bodies and their self confidence in life.
FAITH: In the middle of the program we will focus on teaching your child the importance of character as we learn The Lord's Prayer and the Beatitudes (God's pathway to blessing).  There will be
encouraging stories and cheers, to end the class with, so that your child will grow in their faith, hope and love!
WHEN?  We will meet Wednesdays from 3:45-5:00 PM. We will begin Wednesday August 21st. The first 30 to register are in. We will not take more than that for now. If the interest is great, we may add another class.
WHERE?  Meet at the Red Zone field right across from WEMS, at Dream Acres. It is located in front of the Rock House, which is FBCW’s parsonage. 
HOW MUCH?  I am not kidding when I say it is ABSOLUTELY FREE! My heart is to be a blessing in this community and to children. Many throughout my life have poured into me and I want to pay it forward! Occasionally, we will challenge the children to bring non perishable food items to help support the local food bank!
ABOUT PASTOR JOE OSWALD:  I am the Pastor of First Baptist Church here in Williams. I have nearly 20 years experience working with children of all ages as a Pastor and Coach. I love children and have learned much from them during the years. My goal with this program is to help children become healthy, happy and holy children, who will grow up to make a huge impact in this world for good!
REGISTRATION:  Call (635-4692), drop by, FBCW, 629 W Grant Ave, Williams, AZ 86046, email secretary@fbcwilliams.com or mail in the permission slip below.
*No child will be allowed to participate without a signed permission slip.  Register today!*



     By completing and signing this form I understand that I am registering my Child for the FBCW Red Zone program.  No child is allowed to participate unless this Permission slip / Release form is on file with FBCW.

Child’s Name:                                                                                       Birth Date                            Age _____

Address:                                                                                  Phone number:                                               

      I give permission for my above-named Child to attend First Baptist Church of Williams Arizona’s Red Zone Ministry program.  I understand that my child will be at the FBCW property located by the Church Parsonage at 618 N 5th St, Williams AZ 86046.     

        I hereby release First Baptist Church of Williams Arizona, its staff, its Pastor and representatives from all responsibility and liability for any injury or illness my child may sustain during the activities in the Red Zone program. In the event of an emergency, I hereby authorize the leadership of the FBC Red zone Ministry program, as agent for me, to consent to any x-ray, medical examination, medicinal treatment, dental or surgical diagnosis & treatment, hospital care advised and supervised by a physician, surgeon or dentist (as appropriate) licensed to practice under the laws of the state where the services are rendered, either at a doctor’s office or in any hospital or Urgent Care Center. I expect to be contacted as soon as possible regarding my child’s accident, illness or condition. 

Signature of Parent or legal Guardian & Date:

May we have permission to photograph, or record your child’s image for print or electronic use, in promotion of the Red Zone? Yes___ No___Parent’s Initials­____.  (This will remain in effect unless revoked in writing by the parent) 



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Contact Phone #

Allergies (including food):                                                                                                                                           

Medications Presently Being Taken*:


Physical Handicaps, Needs or Restrictions                                                                                                                   

Family Physician’s Name:                                                                    

Contact Phone ________________________

Dentist’s Name: __________________________________________

Contact Phone ________________________

INSURANCE INFORMATION (Copy off of Insurance card):

Medical Insurance Carrier:                                                                                                                                          

Policyholder’s Name & ID:                                                                                                                            ______
            Policy #: