FBC Williams Arizona
Sunday, August 20, 2017
Changing Hearts, Changing Lives, One Soul at a Time
First Baptist Church of Williams is a Church answering the call from God, to do His will. 
Senior Pastor
  • Pastor Joseph Oswald
God sent us His best!  Pastor Joseph Oswald is our Senior Pastor. His family includes;  his wife Kelly and their two beautiful daughters, Sierra & Ashley.
Pastor Joe invites you to stop by anytime at FBC,  Weekdays, M - W, 9 - 1 pm to talk with Him.  He is a man who loves people and his Lord Jesus Christ.
Board of Directors:
  • Serves as the Board of Trustees
 Jan Bardwell (Secretary), George Glen (Treasurer); Robert Broehm (President), Larry Pittenger ( Member at large), Martha Simoneau (Member at large).
  • The servant Ministers of the congregation
Bill Curry, George Glen, Larry Gutshall, Darrin Hayward, Jeff Johnson, Bob McCarty, Tony McCullough, Dave Mechtly, Davis Reynolds, Jake Rodgers, Bob Simoneau, Danny Solberg
FBC Staff
Our staff members are people who love the Lord and are passionate about serving God, His people and the community.
  • Church Administrator
Chris Broehm is our Church Administrator.
She is in charge of FBC's operations, personnel and finances.  Stop by the office anytime to chat with Chris and learn more about FBC and what we do. 
  • Administrative Assistant
Jan Bardwell is our Administrative Assistant.  She is in charge of preparing the bulletin each week.  She also takes care of keeping our directory updated and other important office duties.  
  • Secretary
Dianne Pender is our office secretary.  She helps out in the office and fills in for the Office Staff as needed.  
  • Youth Director
Robert Broehm is our Youth Director.  He oversees the Youth Ministry grades 6 - 12, including Sunday School and the Youth Group.  
  • Janitor  
Les Plotkin is our Janitor.  He is in charge of keeping the Church clean and orderly.  He helps FBC put it's best foot forward.  
  • A/V Director
Tom Owens is our A/V Director.  He is a man with great patience and a talent to handle not only the A/V equipment but the people he serves.
  • Building & Van Maintenance Directors
Jeff Johnson & Darrin Hayward are our Building & Van Maintenance Directors.  They take care of the repair and maintenance needs of the Church Building and Van.  They also help look after the Parsonage.   They are a dynamic duo that know how to get things done.
  • Bulletin Board Director
Lynn Riggle takes care of decorating our main bulletin board.  Her eye for detail and color always makes for a pleasant display. 
  •  Children's Ministry and VBS Director
Carol Gutshall is our Children's Ministry and VBS Director.  She oversees the Sunday school, Nursery and Children's Church on Sundays.  She also oversees the VBS program held each summer.  She is a woman with a heart for Children.
  • Church Purchasing Director
Kay Martinez is in charge of purchasing supplies for the church and special events.  She also keeps our stock organized.  Her go to attitude helps accomplish this much needed task.
  • Decorations Director
Chris McCarty is the Decorations Director.  She oversees all the floral decorations for the Church. Chris is very talented and has experience as a florist.
  • Greeters Director
Lisa Reynolds is in charge of our Greeters team.  She coordinates volunteers for bulletin distribution and welcoming people on Sunday mornings.  Her friendly personality and smile is contagious.
  •  Handmaiden's Director 
Dianne Pender is the Handmaiden's Director.  She has a heart for women and outreach to the community.  She oversees the monthly meetings as well as special projects throughout the year.
  • Plant Care Directors
Gene and Lynn Riggle look after all our outside plants for us.  They are faithful in making sure everything gets watered in a timely manner.
  •  Women's Ministry Director
Katie Glen & Kelly Yazzie are the Women's Ministry Directors.  They are great organizers who are enthusiastic about ministering to Women.  They oversee the Women's Ministry team that plans events for the women and fellowship events for FBC.
  •  Worship Team Director
Doug Broehm is the Worship Team Director.  He oversees the music, musicians, singers, and the worship service set-up.  He is a man that loves praising the Lord through a variety of music and instruments.