FBC Williams Arizona
Monday, January 22, 2018
Changing Hearts, Changing Lives, One Soul at a Time
Audio / Visual team
     The Audio / Visual Director is Tom Owens.  He makes sure that an A/V person is in place for each week, keeps computer programs updated and keeps the equipment ready to go.  He does an amazing job!  He oversees the video presentations, words for music, and power point presentations.  He also oversees the operations of our sound system for the Church.
      The Audio / Visual Assistants are Al Messimer, Sarah Hayward and Robert Broehm.  They help run the system for services and  help to make them the best that they can be.  Al also meets with our Sunday worship team for practices and inputs everything into our computers.  They all do a great job!
      Our A/V communication guy, that links the sermons to the website and to KZBX, is Les Plotkin.
He is a man with a heart to serve!
Worship Teams 
  • Sunday Worship Team
     The Sunday Worship Team Director is Doug Broehm.  He prepares the order of service, DVD presentations and the music for the Sunday Service.  He is man with a heart to praise God through Worship.  He plays the Guitar, Piano and Trumpet.  He also coordinates with the A/V Team.  We are blessed to have such a dedicated individual.
     The Sunday Worship Team musicians are:  Doug Broehm (Guitar), Jan Bardwell (Drums) and Jody Davison (flute).  The Sunday Worship Team Singers are:  Carol Biocca, Chris Broehm, Anna Villegas, Chris McCarty, Bob McCarty, Bill Hopfer, Martha Simoneau, and James Perkins.  They are a group of talented people with a heart for God. Substitutes include:  Natalie Broehm and Dave Mechtly.
  • Saturday Worship Team (In process)
     The Saturday Worship Team is being put together now, for services beginning Sep 16th.  Check back for updates.