FBC Williams Arizona
Tuesday, April 07, 2020
Changing Hearts, Changing Lives, One Soul at a Time
Audio / Visual team
      The Audio / Visual Team includes; Tom Owens, Sarah Hayward, Darrin Hayward, Caleb Clay & Les Plotkin.  Our two latest trainees are Vanessa Broehm and Terri Sherman.  They help run the computer and sound system for all services and  help to make the services the best that they can be.  Also, Al Messimer does special graphic work for the Sunday Sermons. This talented team of people all do a great job!
  • Tom owens has been our go to A/V guy for a long time and helps out on Sundays.
  • Sarah Hayward is our A/V Director.  She inputs everything for our services into the computer and helps run the system for the services.  She also makes sure we have coverage for special services and more.
  • Darrin Hayward helps run our sound system and is training to be another computer operator too.
  • Caleb Clay helps run the A/V system on Saturday Nights.  
  • Les Plotkin is our A/V communication guy, that links the sermons to the website and to KZBX. He also helps with recording Pastor Joe's sermons on Sundays.
  • Our two latest trainees are Vanessa Broehm and Terri Sherman.  Welcome to the team!
*We are always looking for more people to join the A/V team.  If you are interested in learning more, please contact the church office at 928-635-4692.  
Worship Teams 
  • Sunday Worship Team
     The Sunday Worship Team Director is Doug Broehm.  He prepares the order of service, DVD presentations and the music for the Sunday Service.  He is man with a heart to praise God through Worship.  He plays the Guitar, Piano and Trumpet.  He also coordinates with the A/V Team.  
     The Sunday Worship Team musicians are:  Doug Broehm (Guitar), Jesse Broehm (Bass), Jan Bardwell (Drums) and Les Plotkin (Conga & Drums).  The Sunday Worship Team Singers are:  Carol Biocca, Chris Broehm, Peggy Jensen, Anna Villegas,  Jeff Johnson , Bill Hopfer, Martha Simoneau and James Perkins.  Alternates are:  Chris McCarty, Bob McCarty, Kathy Berkey, Laura DeSantis & Mike Rioux. They are a group of talented people with a heart for God. 
  • Saturday Worship Team
     The Saturday Worship Team Directors are Andrew & Angela Hamby.  They prepare and perform the music for the Saturday service.   They are talented musicians that also perform locally.  They love to worship the Lord together!
     The Saturday Worship Team is composed of some talented people including Andrew Hamby (Singer & Assorted instruments), Angela Hamby (Singer), Sarah Hayward (Bass), Anna Torrez (Keyboard), Saluna Ruiz (Guitar) and Nathan Ogelsby (Drums).  Alternate teams include: the Sanez family & Vickroy family who also love to play and sing for the Lord.